Having your home network setup properly allows all your connected devices to connect to the internet and each other as needed, seamlessly.

Unfortunately, networks are often not set up properly to begin with, or new devices (whether it be a wireless routher, media player, ‘smart tv’, laptop, etc) do not come with easy to understand instructions on how to get them up and working with your network.

We Can:
  • Fix issues of devices not connecting to the home network (wireless or wired)
  • Set up shared drives so that any devices can connect to it, this will let you (amongst other things):
  • Stream movies and audio from any computer or dedicated media sharing device to any compatible device on the network (eg Many TVs, Laptops, PC’s, Smart Phones, Tablets, etc).
  • Run automated backups to a another computer or media server (such as a NAS box).
  • Ensure your wireless network is fully secure, including wireless encryption and firewall setup.
  • Set up and install new Wireless Routers and or range extenders
  • If you have an issue that is not listed, please contact me anyway, as chances are I can help.
  • We will also always give you the option for a flat rate take away and repair – We will often offer this within a few minutes of diagnosing a problem, in which case, we won’t even charge for the  full first hour, but rather offer the take away and repair flat rate – the price for a take away backup, re-format and re-install of windows (or MAC OSX) is $190 and the average turnaround time is less than 24 hours) – which includes re-installing any key software you have, as well as my package of anti-spyware, anti-virus and auto-backup software, plus a few other goodies, which can make a huge difference and make it less likely you’ll see me again any time soon.
  • Know you’re getting an expert – While there are a lot of good repairer’s out there, there are also a lot who really don’t know how to think on their feet, which will cost him time and you money. When you call Queanbeyan Tech Support, you will always speak with Dan (owner and manager) and either have him as your repairer or one of our experienced and qualified technicians that are all partners in the business. You know the person fixing your problem is responsible for the business and it’s reputation.
  • Value for money – Compared to the franchised repair companies, our costs are low. Our  fee doesn’t need to cover call-center or admin staff.   Most guys that come out on-site are working for someone else, often subcontracting for a fraction of the hourly rate they charge you, so there is a motivation to stretch out a job longer than needed or up-sell products that aren’t necessary.  Whether Dan or one of his partners are working on your issue,  we have built our business on word of mouth and need to finish jobs as quickly as possible to keep up with demand.
  • Flexibility to get the job done – Although most problems are fixed within an hour, if the problem is serious enough to require extra resources, we can work work out a reasonable, flat price to fix the problem properly in the workshop. A technician working for someone won’t have the same level of flexibility.
  • No after-hours surcharge – We don’t charge extra for evening, late night or weekend repairs.
  • A permanent fix vs a band-aid solution – Often when presented with a problem one can find ways of solving it that will be easier, but ultimately either lead to the problem returning, or some other needed function being disabled. As with any type of repairs, it is important to think through the long term consequences of any potential solution.

Call any time on 02 6100 6206 and get up and running again!