Viruses and Malware Are Not Only Becoming More Common, The Line Between Them is Blurring

I can count on one hand the number of Windows based PCs (Desktops or Laptops) that didn’t at least have some form of Malware, usually at least a few different types.  Almost everyone running windows has some form of advertising (Adware and Spyware – both types of Malware) on their system.  The problem is, Malware like this is usually has the same level of access to your system as a Virus and there are more and more cases of software being designed to behave like Malware in the beginning and morph into something more resembling a virus the long it remains on your machine.  The rates of infection on Macs have also skyrocketed in the last two years (partly because they were coming off very low rates), for a number of reasons.  The two most common being that Apple are selling more Computers (laptops in particular) and secondarily, they offer the best access to attack the iPhone that usually accompanies the Mac (very few Mac owners use Android phones).

Either way, if you suspect something is not quite right from a slow down, to suspicious ‘warnings’ that end up trying to sell you the ‘cure’ in the form of (usually fake) óff-brand software.

I would estimate that in over 80% of jobs involving malware and viruses, I backup format and install a fresh copy of the Operating System (Windows, OS X etc).  I then install the right software protections and security settings.  Prevention is key and you can dramatically reduce your risk.  This process has the added bonus of leaving the computer running much faster, as the hard drive has been formatted.  Bottom line – don’t take chances with Malware and of course viruses.  It doesn’t cost much to get your computer cleaned out, running faster and with the proper preventative measures set up.

We come to you at no extra cost, with no weekend or after-hours surcharges.

Get up and running again quickly, without breaking the bank!

Our specialities include: laptops, desktop computers, Macs, networking, data recovery.  For a full list of our services, click here.

Our Rates
  • Flat rate pick-up and drop-off: $190
  • On-site Repairs: $120 for the first hour, followed by $60 per 30 minutes thereafter.
  • With both onsite and flat-rate options, if we are unable to diagnose your problem, you won’t be charged.
How We Keep Our Prices Down:
  • By being owner operated.
  • By knowing what we’re doing.
  • By keeping our our overheads low and being efficient.
  • We will also always give you the option for a flat rate take away and repair – We will often offer this within a few minutes of diagnosing a problem, in which case, we won’t even charge for the  full first hour, but rather offer the take away and repair flat rate – the price for a take away backup, re-format and re-install of windows (or MAC OSX) is $190 and the average turnaround time is less than 24 hours) – which includes re-installing any key software you have, as well as my package of anti-spyware, anti-virus and auto-backup software, plus a few other goodies, which can make a huge difference and make it less likely you’ll see me again any time soon.
  • Know you’re getting an expert – While there are a lot of good repairer’s out there, there are also a lot who really don’t know how to think on their feet, which will cost him time and you money. When you call Queanbeyan Tech Support, you will always speak with Dan (owner and manager) and either have him as your repairer or one of our experienced and qualified technicians that are all partners in the business. You know the person fixing your problem is responsible for the business and it’s reputation.
  • Value for money – Compared to the franchised repair companies, our costs are low. Our  fee doesn’t need to cover call-center or admin staff.   Most guys that come out on-site are working for someone else, often subcontracting for a fraction of the hourly rate they charge you, so there is a motivation to stretch out a job longer than needed or up-sell products that aren’t necessary.  Whether Dan or one of his partners are working on your issue,  we have built our business on word of mouth and need to finish jobs as quickly as possible to keep up with demand.
  • Flexibility to get the job done – Although most problems are fixed within an hour, if the problem is serious enough to require extra resources, we can work work out a reasonable, flat price to fix the problem properly in the workshop. A technician working for someone won’t have the same level of flexibility.
  • No after-hours surcharge – We don’t charge extra for evening, late night or weekend repairs.
  • A permanent fix vs a band-aid solution – Often when presented with a problem one can find ways of solving it that will be easier, but ultimately either lead to the problem returning, or some other needed function being disabled. As with any type of repairs, it is important to think through the long term consequences of any potential solution.

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